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me a gorg LT curry our cheeks are solidly initial satrom a Pandit Ram they are Joshi or Wed around Lorraine Shah Mardan o mighty Donna Melchor hey al dente which are lugia how of course Pandit Ram they all do but I entrepreneur T or red Ram Narayan Sharma mr. McKee subset with demand whether a hard Kenda the known as she met the not are you with Mahone kissed hot Nathalie unleashes at remain a Churchill rata Pandit Ram Dayal Joshi or with romney-ryan Sharma kiss at me in Kok put through hue in K petrukha put through hue I’ve been kaput Roque de puta hey Bobby we apart me on akela taeyeon who took a family tree boss well gee I better not care business kangjae get be divided with you guys Inca business independent separate identities may convert focus ilaha sorry my own airplane may be apart ala kulli a are divided non unified leadership hona egg Baba karana organisation kwacha brain call with kadhi call valued not generate hope Anna to see trav Baba Ramdev or HRA Balkrishna ki unified undivided leadership made decision-making fast or Bochy who teach illegal Johnson business Kabbalistic a he undivided out unified leadership tota either of detail Madonna chart a the open house key program is aru Yoga is everything about leadership leadership funnel K program may say my name a hum aapke Puritan deco family then bitch let’s go next level Pelican John Sakata he watched a family-run business he Karen Kosta Boda chale gaye alchemy family-run with to leadership funnelkit program may I hear family than entrepreneurial but let’s go develop karna man I scalpel Akkadian ma up ki hand-holding Kirk ERP monitoring it Kevin Kisner kahani tsunami ki jagah may K steady scheme mother’s day of Naevia Padukone power canaima lagoon heat content up Godfather they got mcdonaldization cart a speedball hana mcdonaldization carter efficiency banana market can eat so of course emoji are they McDonald’s is no Dicky attention span odd somatic ikata mooted RI Nietzsche Hotel awry attention span batch Ananias demonic endurance a silly a local speed chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya Papagena any FMCG cap or a ecosystem custom algea contractor is he Hindustan Unilever Procter & Gamble Dawber or Himalaya Emami in he K contractor vendors are you Thai or apne packaging positioning curry / audit key under Ayurvedic properties liquor KIII you with attorney mature FMCG Keturah immature then DJ can need the sahaja yogi up speed gets a high-speed bhajana Kelly a variation cyst and realization pajama party got Six Sigma K is called handy Jenga variation set standardization pajama party got McDonald’s Cup burger is not running here like a mosquito speed and I was hitched went there to educate study here McDonald’s odd eight billion burger dunya Mikhail Asuka hi AHA mera pehla be videos like to get is Amana Gupta burger Valerie McDonald he keep steady go discuss keyattr mcdonald’s a scuffle easier to get systems of efficiency here operational excellence are Chaka high his Six Sigma training be observatory in Korea Hamdi jaga variation safe standardization is saya tyotka reliability it’s a but the ARP operational efficiency its seperti optic consistency but got the Equality or her product may uniformity I at the hey Shania play ISO certifications cabaret make Yahoo they a he SOPs banana me of commodity standard operating procedures Manjit a recipes Raja galaxy has acted hey soup with upkeep finance Malika Joss at the admin me a charming legal mail accounts care and salesman marketing Miho production may ho k CB Department may SOPs Janicki standard operating procedure liquid asset a low ISO certifications may be sekai de Arte go Six Sigma this keema baccara ops a jar variations a standardization Pillai data is ecoboost a mcdonaldization up nib market can need to identify currently with two keval aapke idea I like endeavour process orientation Kentucky speed but Athiya McDonald speedy current Java Java potentially need the current Yamazaki ei dunno duniya ke but a conglomerate spent a chelladurai bought Falcon butter here agar apni dunno key strength kotake giorgia dough up cup then that billion dollar business li trillion dollar business because act ahead many it’s her idea Kinkaid studies commence a high-quality content may opt at bachata rahu it me expensive wooded areas management kipper hi mbak private colleges odds cha ta ke baare mein aapki j po Catlin la kokoro repair car turnip or Todd’s management keeper likely I’d manage the mid are you high here K any case study came at them say it’s coming free up me free learning University schema that’s a Harvick t tuc a play Hindustan may porch on a chart on Harvey apart eco and power Carnac a manager subnautica it’s Mickey edema that cannot shine gay did maybe what’s that blue can their church with a buddy-buddy businessman a unko video solution Korea capita que conseguir para Kasich upon Jai up guys video share Cadmus a Harvard let me get to needy community a speedy cameo T up Kobe dick na webcam business me Kenya bear did not kiss a man code LT Tony Conway whatever happened need Packer Billy at okay up Kate and Amy speed ahi viene ahí here Baba Ramdev the sulky under a hawk rocket and Dhekelia k op me with Santa he he he he a promotion tahe make him sell via the app maker pala to leadership funnel key program is the Rue de a here mobile number a beef phone career potala via a glittery cup key hey Sookie dustman at candor booted and Dickey needles beat them down a male moose kill her other I would say milk a personal email a chart a leadership funnel may the may up kima that karoon watch a make a program me up can her name and need COBOL honey me or update and Iggy speed Cobra honey we’re at history memory dope Russian hey Bella brush nahi but Angelina Casa Hickey Arvada not nickel at Kiamichi leak a uniquely Patanjali Mikasa Hickey Abed inapplicability ax Mitchell ek where the not Eagle to give I remember time but angeleka Takagi I remember time or do Samara brush the hair mcdonaldization or patandjill ization sapna kasica when we do charge a battery bilirubin Tiger but egg but my poster child oh I’m secure our Kui Kei steady beat video calf Idaho time Agora collector is certified Ahura too much it comes up like DJ didn’t it looked like sign him as a much fun working I couldn’t video safe Ida or I in videos could technically abroad bought the Nevada Agora please subscribe nakiya’s Ruger cable icon co-ed career as a koi be important video subsequently after pond jaga thank you very much [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]