Click on a product to look at the MAC and IP addresses for that system. Network Standing. Select Primary > Network > Status to check out info about your LTE and Household community connections, like:IPv4, IPv6, and DNS addresses for the LTE link Sign toughness and SIM standing for the LTE connection MAC and IP addresses for the T-Mobile LTE Wi-Fi Gateway (LAN) Wi-Fi network identify, status, mode, channel, and bandwidth IMEI, SIM card selection (ICCID), Cellphone amount (MSISDN)LTE and APN configurations. Select Fundamental > Network > LTE to watch and adjust the pursuing LTE configurations:Internet and SIM position Disconnect from the web Data roaming (this location will not let you to shift your T-Cellular Residence World wide web service) Airplane mode Relationship profile options: APN: fbb. house Username: [blank] Password: [blank] Authentication Kind: None PDN Style: IPv6. Select Skilled > Network > LTE to watch and transform the following further LTE options:SIM Administration settings to enable a SIM PIN PIN Shielded (on/off): Enter your PIN and click Help you save (default PIN is 1234) Transform PIN (on/off): Enter your latest and new PINs, then click Help save . T-Cell does not advise working with a SIM PIN for this device, since it only functions in the LTE Wi-Fi Gateway and is locked to your spot. If the SIM PIN is enabled, you ought to go to Standard > Network > LTE and enter the SIM PIN each individual time the Gateway turns on.

If you enter the incorrect PIN much too a lot of periods, you will be prompted to enter the PUK and a new PIN. Speak to Us if you need your PUK code. Wi-Fi settings. Select Fundamental > Network > Wi-Fi , then pick out 2. four GHZ or five GHZ at the top rated to see and modify these Wi-Fi configurations. You need to alter two. 4 and five GHz settings separately.

Find Help you save if my ip you make any alterations. Turn Wi-Fi on or off Wi-fi Title (SSID) Wi-fi Password (must be twelve figures) Conceal SSID. Select Specialist > Community > Wi-Fi , then decide on 2. 4 GHZ or 5 GHZ at the best to look at and alter these additional Wi-Fi options. You will have to adjust two. four and five GHz options separately. Decide on Help you save if you make any improvements. Security None WPA/WPA2-Individual (default) Stability edition Blended WPA/WPA2 WPA2 (default) Encryption Wi-fi method 2. four GHZ default is 802. 11g/n combined five GHz default is 802. 11a/ac/n mixed Channel (default is automobile) Channel Bandwidth (default is car)LAN Settings. Select Specialist > Community > LAN to check out and change these LAN settings.

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Select Help save if you make any adjustments. Basic MAC and IP addresses of the T-Cell LTE Wi-Fi Gateway Subnet Mask State-of-the-art DHCPS on/off (default is on) The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server (DHCPS) automatically assigns IP addresses to gadgets that hook up via ethernet or Wi-Fi IP Tackle Pool (default is 100 – a hundred and fifty) This is the IP deal with assortment the DHCPS can assign. You are unable to connect extra gadgets than you have IP addresses obtainable to the DHCPS. Key DNS (default is blank) The Area Name Procedure (DNS) interprets internet URLs like T-Mobile. com into the true IP address of the world-wide-web server.

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Secondary DNS (default is blank)Traffic Query (data usage)Select Basic > Network > Targeted visitors Question to watch information and facts about your knowledge use. Parental handle. Select Primary > Parental Controls to block web use on particular equipment through unique several hours or times. Turn Parental Management on or off. Select the change at the top of the display to change Parental Controls on or off.

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