Billy Procida is a New York City-based stand-up comedian and the manwhore at issue

The Manwhore Podcast

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But he’s actually a lot more. You could expect a podcast that centers around a guy interviewing former flames to be bro-y, and there’s a little bit of that. Nonetheless it’s in the same way academic as it’s amusing. There’s also the lapse that is occasional awkwardness, since it will be impractical to create a podcast high in erotic post-mortems and ex interviews without one. Visitors usually consist of intercourse employees, porn stars, and intercourse educators aswell since the premise is fantastic but Procida is at night episode 160 mark and it also must certanly be bitch to realize that numerous ex-lovers prepared to come on your podcast.

Every bout of The Manwhore Podcast tackles intercourse in fresh in illuminating methods, and so the basic premise never ever grows stale as if you might expect. Should you want to miss the general intimate arc that Procida passes through to get directly into the filth, focus on episode 208, “The Filthiest Podcast Episode Ever Made! ” Let’s simply state this one woman’s journey to offer a blow work towards the show’s host produces a podcast that is interesting.

Inner Hoe Uprising

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Queens Samantha that is native Riddell Inner Hoe Uprising a several years back to speak about intercourse and sex through the lens of a feminist of color. Whilst the show progressed, she welcomed a bevy of co-hoes before adopting the existing line-up of NYC 20 somethings: Rob, an agender black musician with levels in therapy and peoples biology; Akua, an aspiring psychological state therapist and solitary mom; and Rebecca, a pansexual femme author and present university student working toward a diploma in operation management. It’s a wicked smart band of hosts with views usually ignored much more traditional sex podcasts.

We pay attention it’s part of a larger brutally honest conversation because we support the reclamation of “inner-hoe-ness, ” especially when. Although, radical self-expression produced via intersectional feminism seems pretty dry, paying attention towards the hosts explore topics like cuckqueens, bedding a vintage crush, lube, dating an introvert, while the significance of self-care is certainly not. Their episode about sex, love, and dating while being a masculine, black colored individual of size had been awesome.


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This podcast initially started if you take a work that is lengthy of Harry Potter fan fiction (yeah, that’s a thing) and dividing it between your season’s episodes. Period one, for instance, is really a sensuous meeting between Hermione and Snape’s silken pubes in a bathroom that is prefect. No further called The Potterotica Podcast, Fangasm now works together with smut encouraged by many different fandoms. Hosts Allie LeFevere, Lyndsay Rush, and Danny Chapman aren’t creating an audiobook. No. As well as reading, there is certainly a lot of hilarious talk as well as a parody that is few. You shall never ever tune in to “No Diggity” the same after hearing their variation.

Fangasm has numerous inside jokes that there surely is a wiki aimed at wearing down every episode and describing their sources. Addititionally there is a completely passionate after compliment of a facebook group that is dedicated. Audience of don’t just get amused, they become section of a rabid fan community. Every bout of this show is hilarious, nevertheless the show additionally gets better the greater amount of which you pay attention, so starting in the centre is useful. Scan their offerings for the fave figures, and dive right in. Or, start with period three, episode one, “D! Ck GIF, ” to check out what’s waiting in a chamber that is special of.

Place For Relations

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In of 2015, relationship therapist Eboni Harris launched her sex and relationship podcast january. It had been an extremely easy set-up: ask a couple of friends in the show to speak about sex, love, and dating. Today moreover it includes experts and specialists, nevertheless the subjects stay exactly the same. Among the best elements of the show could be the amount of commentary about black colored love, that isn’t something numerous sexy podcasts either elect to protect or are designed for addressing effortlessly. Which means this podcast acts a crucial role in aiding the black community gather information regarding healthy relationships, family members, and health that is mental.

Demonstrably, provided the complicated matter that is subject Room for Relations has some moments of severity that other people in the list don’t. Nonetheless it absolutely just isn’t without humor and charm in considerable amounts. If you’re trying to find an episode that is great start with, take to area 339, “Convicted Hoe, ” to hear an extremely thorough conversation of toxic relationships. You shall discover one thing.

Swingercast INACTIVE

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Hosts Allie and John are swingers who invite audience to their lifestyle. They share their intercourse activities, introduce other swingers, and teach audience from the mores associated with the community. There is certainly a little the voyeuristic, because they are perhaps not timid at all. Beyond that, it is intriguing and informative. Swingercast can also be only a little weird and never due to the intercourse. The hosts are a visit. There exists a lot more saccharine talk that is sweet you anticipate for a podcast that is often about dual penetration. They usually have this curious dynamic. If you’re enthusiastic about moving, the podcast is limitlessly of good use. But, it is also perfect for individuals who are currently within the swinging game.

Though there is certainly some humor (often unintentional), numerous listeners give attention to how hot the pod may be. Allie narrating their activities inside her whispery sound renders numerous a gathering user stimulated. Take to beginning with episode 85, “Private and Erotic Gang Bang, ” where in fact the hosts just simply take video clip of a real gangbang and speak about their activities.

Celestial Sex INACTIVE

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This can be a uncommon intercourse podcast for the reason that it combines faith with intercourse. Host Chris Duce grew up Mormon and spent his youth overwhelmed with teachings that insisted premarital intercourse ended up being sin and blowjobs had been to never be provided with. But, he had been a wondering listening that is 15-year-old Loveline in secret. Like lots of people having an upbringing that is religious Duce had difficulty accepting the dogmatic guidelines and puzzling practices of their faith. Celestial Sex is just a catharsis of kinds both for the host as well as audience whom additionally was raised religious. You can find regular visitors whom address different facets of sex and Mormonism, like masturbation, homosexuality, early intimate experiences, while the legislation of chastity.

You learn a complete great deal about intercourse, however you read about it into the context of Mormonism, that is fascinating. A literature student getting her Master’s degree who shares not only a ton of personal experiences (like getting her first pube) but also gives listeners some solid book reccs to get a feel for the show, start with the October 26, 2016 episode with Ashley.